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3 Best Used Furniture Stores in Arlington, Tx

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Used Furniture Stores in Arlington Tx

Do you know where to found Used Furniture Stores in Arlington, Tx.  A city with a rich heritage and vibrant cultural life, there is a collection of stories and memories that are waiting to be discovered in the used furniture stores. Every piece of furniture in this store isn’t just a piece of furniture but a piece of time, a witness to the enduring craftsmanship. Imagine sitting on a table that has been the scene of many generations of family gatherings or a desk that’s been a source of inspiration for generations of people. With around 400,000 residents living in Arlington, the need for distinctive and sustainable furniture is increasing, resulting in an exciting increase in the market for these shops.

Recent research shows that more and more people are choosing to buy second hand furniture, not only because of its price but also for its quality and sustainability. In these shops, every piece tells a story, and each has unique beauty and mysterious history that’s waiting to become part of your new life. Explore the appeal of the used furniture stores in Arlington where style meets history, and each purchase is a journey into the past. This article guides you to the 3 Best Used Furniture Stores in Arlington, Tx.

1. Arlington Resale

Address:    5910 W Interstate 20 B, Arlington, TX 76017, United States
Phone:        +1 817-478-7253

Arlington Resale is a thrift shop with a mission that is commendable. The store offers a variety of used items, from furniture to clothing and even books. Its eclectic mix is notable for its large selection of antiques that appeal to many tastes and needs. The store is proud to offer gently used, high-quality items at affordable prices. This ensures a pleasant shopping experience for everyone. Arlington Resale is more than a retailer. It also serves a larger purpose: helping new mothers and parents who are in need.

The dual focus on offering shoppers value while also contributing to a noble purpose has earned the store recognition and appreciation. The well-organized store layout and the clean merchandise enhance the shopping experience. Arlington Resale is a great place to shop for quality items that have a positive impact.

–> Services/Features

  1. Arlington Resale offers a wide variety of secondhand items.
  2. The store features specialized sections for antiques and music.
  3. By selling these items, Arlington Resale supports important community causes.
  4. The store is known for providing high-quality, gently used items at reasonable prices.
  5. Arlington Resale maintains a well-organized, clean, and welcoming shopping environment.

2. Afno Furniture Resale

Address:    2433 S Collins St, Arlington, TX 76014
Phone:        +1 469-834-1371

Afno Resale Furniture is a premier destination for affordable, high-quality furniture. The store offers a wide range of products, from home appliances such as washing machines and fridges to stylish furniture like king-size beds, TV stands, and bedframes. People highly regard Oscar for his customer-centric attitude. He works with clients to meet their budgets and provides valuable advice on room décor. Oscar’s warm and welcoming nature often manifests through his personal service and the thoughtful gifts he offers.

This enhances the overall shopping experience. Afno’s unique and high-quality furniture is perfect for anyone setting up a new home or looking for something special without breaking the bank. Quality merchandise, competitive prices, and excellent customer service have cemented the store’s reputation as a furniture destination. The store is not very visible and has limited hours. Afno furniture resale is a great place to shop, and many of its first-time customers return.

–> Services/Features

  1. Afno Furniture Resale offers a diverse range of high quality furniture items.
  2. Customers know the store for its competitive pricing.
  3. Customers and the community recognize Oscar, the owner, for his customer focused approach.
  4. The warm and hospitable atmosphere characterizes the store’s ambiance.
  5. Afno Furniture Resale provides additional services such as delivery assistance.

3. Thrift King Resale Shop

Address:     1623 New York Ave, Arlington, TX 76010, United States
Phone:         +1 682-593-3440

Thrift King Resale Shop stands out as a top spot for second hand furniture of high quality and household appliances at affordable prices. The wide selection of items includes top quality mattress brands as well as contemporary and traditional furniture and essential household products that will meet your needs and budgets. The commitment of the store to keeping an inviting and clean atmosphere enhances shopping, making it a relaxing environment for customers of all age groups.

Consistently, customers praise the employees at Thrift Kings for their generosity and professionalism, as they ensure that each customer gets precisely what they are looking for.. This kind of service, together with the store’s reasonable prices, makes home improvement available to a larger market. Thrift King’s commitment to customer satisfaction and its ability to offer discounts on a range of items establish it as a practical resource for cost-effective home-related solutions.

–> Services/Features

  1. Offering an extensive selection of contemporary and antique furniture.
  2. Exceptionally reasonable prices that make home remodeling.
  3. Staff are known for their politeness and helpfulness.
  4. Maintains a high standard of cleanliness, making the shopping experience comfortable.
  5. Offers convenient delivery options for larger items like furniture and appliance sets.


In conclusion, if you’re searching for the best used furniture stores in Arlington, Texas, consider checking out Arlington Resale, Afno Furniture Resale, and Thrift King Resale Shop. These establishments provide a diverse range of furniture options that cater to different tastes and budgets, ensuring that you find the perfect pieces for your home.