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7 Best Used Furniture Stores in El Paso, Tx

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Used Furniture Stores in El Paso

If you’re looking to purchase used furniture for a loved one, we’ve put together a helpful guide to help you discover the finest Used Furniture Stores in El Paso, Tx. Step into the world of El Paso’s used furniture stores, where each item tells a unique story, blending the rich cultural tapestry of our vibrant city with the charm of personal history. Here, in the heart of Texas, our used furniture is not just second hand; it’s a curated collection of memories and styles. From rustic Texan heritage to contemporary designs, these stores are treasure troves of eclectic and sustainable choices, offering something for every taste and budget.

Did you know that used furniture El Paso has seen a remarkable increase in demand, with a 35% growth in sales over the past year? This surge reflects a growing appreciation for sustainable living and a desire to infuse homes with character-rich, environmentally-friendly pieces. Experience the allure of El Paso’s past, present, and future, all within the welcoming doors of our local used furniture stores. Come, find a piece of El Paso to call your own. This article guides you to the 7 Best Used Furniture Stores in El Paso, Tx.

1. Household Furniture Clearance Store

Address:     7640 N Loop Dr, El Paso, TX 79915, United States
Phone:       +1 915-591-9419

The Household Furniture Clearance Store in El Paso distinguishes itself with excellent customer service and a wide choice of furniture. The store caters to a wide range of tastes with all kinds of furniture, from sectionals and sofas to recliners and custom-made upholstery. The staff, particularly Patricia and Joe Adame, consistently receive praise for their professionalism, kindness, and exceptional service to ensure a smooth and pleasant shopping experience for shoppers.

The commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the flexibility of financing options and exciting promotions like the “Spin to Win” game that makes furniture of high quality to a larger audience. While there are a few comments about policy or product concerns, they are not frequent in comparison to the overwhelming positive reviews. In the end, Household Furniture Clearance Store is notable for its large selection, outstanding service, and commitment to customer satisfaction. This makes it an excellent choice when shopping for furniture within El Paso area.

–> Services/Features

  1. Offers a wide range of furniture options.
  2. Known for professional and patient staff.
  3. Accommodating customers with different budgetary needs.
  4. Staff members are recognized for guiding customers effectively through the selection.

2. The Furniture Outlet

Address:     11165 Rojas Dr, El Paso, TX 79935, United States
Phone:        +1 915-261-7885

Furniture Outlet is a shining example of exceptional customer service and sets high standards for the retail furniture industry. Consistently, people praise Pablo and Andy for their dedication, expertise, and customer-centric approach. They are excellent at personalizing shopping experiences, providing tailored advice, and going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Their efforts to match prices and provide budget-friendly alternatives demonstrate a keen sense of customer needs.

The store needs some help with delivery and inventory management. These are areas that could be improved to match their high standards of service in-store. The Furniture Outlet, despite these logistical problems, maintains its reputation as a store that prioritizes customer satisfaction and relations. The Furniture Outlet’s blend of excellent service and areas for improvement reflects the commitment of its clients.

–> Services/Features

  1. Known for their exceptional attention to individual customer needs and preferences.
  2. Employees demonstrate a deep understanding of the product range.
  3. The outlet offers competitive pricing.
  4. Sales representatives work diligently to help customers stay within their budget.
  5. The store creates a comfortable and pressure-free atmosphere.

3. Habitat For Humanity – ReStore El Paso

Address:    8500 Dyer St #82, El Paso, TX 79904, United States
Phone:       +1 915-706-5060

The ReStore, located in El Paso, offers a unique shopping experience that combines the excitement of hunting for treasure with a purpose-driven mission. This store serves not only as a shop but also as a place for people to gather and supports the excellent work that Habitat for Humanity is carrying out. Customers will often discover a broad assortment of products, ranging from new items to items that require a bit of reshaping.

Although some criticize the price and the condition of products however, the store always shows an effort to improve and satisfaction of customers. The mix of quality, affordability, and the noble purpose of helping those in need of housing within the community makes the ReStore an outstanding location. Its mission goes beyond just commercialism, encouraging a sense of community involvement and a shared goal. The store is a perfect example of the balance of social responsibility and consumerism, which makes it an essential contribution to El Paso.

–> Services/Features

  1. The store offers a wide range of items.
  2. They provide reasonably priced products.
  3. Every purchase contributes to Habitat for Humanity’s mission.
  4. The staff at the ReStore is noted for being helpful and friendly.
  5. The store offers the convenience of picking up donated items.

4. Salvation Army Thrift Store

Address:    3920 Morehead Ave, El Paso, TX 79930, United States
Phone:        +1 915-565-6937

The thrift store provides an unforgettable and nostalgic shopping experience. A large variety of goods, including furniture, clothing, and more, all at affordable costs, characterize it. Customers generally praise the staff for their friendliness and kindness, and they contribute significantly to the positive vibe of the store. However, specific operational issues, including lengthy waiting times at the cash counter due to the lack of staff and other organizational problems, can affect the shopping experience.

The store’s return and pricing policies also receive mixed reviews. Some customers express dissatisfaction with the requirement for consistent pricing. However, despite these shortcomings, the company’s commitment to community service stands out. The fact that it is able to support vital services such as feeding programs and shelters adds an extra dimension of social significance for every purchase and helps to build trust and respect for customers. The balance between commercial operations and its social mission is the primary goal of the thrift store, highlighting its importance to the local community.

–> Services/Features

  1. The store offers a wide range of items, including furniture and clothing
  2. Customers appreciate the reasonable prices.
  3. Proceeds from sales contribute to community services like feeding programs and shelters.
  4. The store is known for its helpful and friendly staff.
  5. The store hosts regular sales events, like Wacky Wednesday discounts.

5. Market Warehouse Furniture

Address:    6995 Market Ave, El Paso, TX 79915, United States
Phone:        +1 915-351-8624

The furniture store offers a variety of experiences. Customers regularly praise the wide selection and the competitive pricing. Customers often praise the sales staff for their friendliness and willingness to assist, which creates a welcoming environment. The store is known for its ability to cater to various tastes and needs.

The store faces other significant challenges. Customers report problems with the quality of furniture and with warranty fulfillment. These incidents suggest that there is a quality control gap that needs to be addressed. The store’s post-purchase and delivery systems could be more consistent and efficient, which leads to frustration among customers. The store is a great place to shop for furniture, and the service they provide to customers is excellent. However, to make sure that their experience remains positive, it must improve its quality assurance.

–> Services/Features

  1. The store offers a diverse range of furniture.
  2. Customers frequently mention the store’s competitive prices.
  3. The ability to customize furniture sets according to customer needs stands out.
  4. The sales team often receives praise for their helpful and welcoming demeanor.
  5. The store is known for hosting sales and offering discounts.

6. Alameda Thrift Store

Address:     2914 Alameda Ave, El Paso, TX 79905, United States
Phone:         +1 915-329-4448

Alameda Thrift Store, located in El Paso, Texas, is a destination that stands out for affordable, high-quality furnishings. This charming store is distinguished by its exceptional customer service. It makes everyone feel welcome and appreciated. We offer a broad range of preferences and requirements by providing a wide selection, which ranges from Mexican figurines and sculptures to thrift-store finds. The store is lauded for its low-cost items specifically for military personnel decorating their homes.. Customers always praise the unique selection, cleanliness, and organization. The Alameda Thrift Store staff’s friendly and efficient approach, as well as their willingness to accommodate non-Spanish speaking customers, makes shopping a pleasure. This store is not only a great choice, but it also provides a pleasant shopping experience.

–> Services/Features

  1. The store is known for its friendly and efficient staff.
  2. Alameda Thrift Store offers a range of quality furniture items at prices that are budget friendly.
  3. The store boasts a diverse selection, from thrift items to unique sculptures.
  4. Customers appreciate the cleanliness and organization of the store.
  5. The store is recognized for its affordability and variety.

7. NBS New & Used Furniture

Address:     1601 Texas Ave, El Paso, TX 79901, United States
Phone:        +1 915-544-1271

NBS Office Furniture is a leader in the office furniture industry because of its competitive pricing, prompt delivery, and efficient installation. The company is proud of its professionalism and expertise and offers seamless selection and installation processes. Local manufacturing in El Paso adds an extra touch to the product line. NBS has a difficult time maintaining a consistent level of customer service, particularly after completing a purchase. Unresponsiveness, missed delivery dates, and other issues are areas that need improvement.

The durability and quality are praised despite these concerns. Custom-made furniture is also a big draw. The wide selection of furniture caters to a variety of needs. However, the pricing for used furnishings and the overall cost-effectiveness have been criticized. NBS Office Furniture is a company that excels at product quality and first service. Still, it needs to improve its customer service consistency in order to provide a positive experience to all customers.

–> Services/Features

  1. NBS Office Furniture is recognized for its timely delivery of office furniture.
  2. The company offers reasonable and competitive pricing.
  3. NBS provides quick and hassle-free installation of their furniture.
  4. They craft custom furniture, catering to client’s preferences, enhancing office spaces
  5. The company boasts a wide range of office furniture options.


I hope you have a list of places in El Paso, Tx, where you can buy used furniture. These stores offer good service and affordable prices. People like them a lot. You can pick the one that fits your budget. Plus, their prices are lower than other furniture stores.