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3 Best Used Furniture Stores in Longview, TX

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Used Furniture Stores in Longview, TX

Step into the charming world of used furniture stores in Longview, TX, where every item has a story and every purchase saves you money. In the U.S., the average person spends about $8,000 on furniture, but in Longview, locals have found a smarter way to furnish their homes. By exploring the unique collections in these stores, you can find everything from retro vibes to contemporary chic at prices that are just a fraction of what you’d pay for new pieces.

Whether you’re outfitting your first apartment or looking to add a splash of personality to your living spaces, Longview’s used furniture outlets offer both value and variety. Dive into this shopping adventure where each piece isn’t just furniture—it’s a piece of history and an opportunity to make eco-friendly choices that benefit your wallet and the planet. This article will explore the thriving used furniture scene in Longview, TX, showcasing how these stores are not just selling pieces, but are also preserving the heritage and contributing to the sustainability of the community.

1. Mary’s Used Furniture and Appliances

used furniture stores in longview

Address:    1521 S Mobberly Ave, Longview, TX 75602, United States
Phone:       +1 903-238-8772

Mary’s Used Furniture and Appliances stands out for its excellent customer service and competitive pricing. The staff warmly assists shoppers, providing an easy credit approval process that is particularly beneficial for those aiming to build their credit. This store boasts a wide range of quality used and unique furniture pieces, all reasonably priced and often backed by warranties. Customers appreciate the seamless purchasing experience, highlighted by the store’s helpfulness in loading items and supplying necessary installation accessories.

Although the selection is diverse and mostly consists of older furniture, the quality generally meets customer expectations. Prospective buyers should, however, carefully evaluate the pricing and condition of items to ensure they receive the best value. Overall, Mary’s consistently exceeds customer expectations, creating a loyal customer base eager for repeat visits.

–> Services/Features

  • Offers a simple process that can also help build credit.
  • Ensures reliability with warranties on products.
  • Provides loading assistance and necessary installation accessories.
  • Features a diverse selection of unique and used furniture.
  • Prioritizes customer satisfaction with attentive support.

2. 7th Street New and Used

used furniture stores in longview

Address:    1012 N Seventh St, Longview, TX 75601, United States
Phone:       +1 903-758-4817

7th Street New and Used earned a commendable reputation for its eclectic selection of quality furniture paired with exceptional customer service. The personable owner not only connects personally with each visitor but also delights in sharing the unique stories behind each item. Despite its unassuming exterior next to a washateria, the interior charms visitors with a nostalgic vibe reminiscent of 1950s East Texas.

The store’s curated selection may be modest, but it boasts standout pieces at competitive prices, like a quality standing mirror offered at a fraction of the cost compared to other local stores. The fair pricing, coupled with convenient delivery services, adds to the store’s appeal. While 7th Street New and Used has since closed, its commitment to quality, affordability, and customer service remains a cherished memory in the community, emphasizing its importance as more than just a furniture store but a valued local institution.

–> Services/Features

  • Direct assistance from the owner to find the perfect furniture.
  • Curated furniture that combines uniqueness with craftsmanship.
  • Offers furniture at much lower prices than competitors.
  • Provides convenient and affordable delivery services.
  • A charming, nostalgic shopping environment reminiscent of 1950s East Texas.

3. Savvy Sisters

used furniture stores in longview

Address:    913 W Loop 281 Ste 215, Longview, TX 75605, United States
Phone:       +1 903-238-9200

Savvy Sisters excels as a distinguished upscale consignment and resale shop, renowned for its exceptional customer service and an impressive selection of unique furnishings and home decor. The shop regularly updates its inventory, offering a treasure trove of hard-to-find items that cater to the discerning shopper. The clear pricing and a dedicated clearance section add convenience and value, making every visit a new opportunity to discover something extraordinary.

The staff goes above and beyond to assist and make patrons feel welcome, creating an atmosphere that encourages repeat visits. With its strategic location and diverse offerings, Savvy Sisters not only meets the needs of those looking for something different but also provides a pleasant shopping experience that resonates with both new and returning customers.

–> Services/Features

  • Staff consistently provide friendly and attentive service.
  • Specializes in hard-to-find, upscale furnishings and decor.
  • Inventory is frequently refreshed with new and varied items.
  • Prices are transparent, with a section for discounted items.
  • The store is well-staged and inviting, enhancing the shopping experience.


In conclusion, finding quality used furniture in Longview, TX, is made easier with the top stores highlighted in this guide. Each of these establishments offers a unique selection of items that can enhance any home decor while providing value for money. Whether you’re looking for vintage pieces or practical, modern furnishings, these stores have something to cater to every taste and budget. Embrace sustainable shopping and discover unique treasures that bring character and style to your living spaces.