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5 Best Used Furniture Stores in Los Angeles, CA

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Used Furniture Stores in Los Angeles, CA

In the heart of Los Angeles, where the city’s vibrant pulse meets the eclectic taste of its inhabitants, used furniture stores offer more than just a second chance for pre-loved items. These treasure troves, scattered across the sprawling metropolis, serve as a testament to sustainability, creativity, and the rich tapestry of stories each piece carries. From mid-century modern gems to contemporary finds, used furniture stores in Los Angeles provide an affordable pathway to personalize spaces with character and history.

It’s not merely about acquiring furniture; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that values the uniqueness of each piece and its journey. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, these stores stand at the forefront of a movement that champions reuse over disposal, offering a green alternative to furnishing homes. Whether you’re a first-time apartment dweller or a seasoned interior designer, used furniture stores in Los Angeles invite you to explore a world where each item tells a story, waiting to become a part of yours.

1. Pepe’s Thrift Shop

Address:    2621 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90057, United States
Phone:       +1 213-365-0111

Pepe’s Thrift Shop shines as an inspiration for those looking for more than just goods; however, it is an overall experience. With its vast selection of vintage appliances, antiques, and collectables, it provides unbeatable prices that cater to a range of tastes and requirements. The soul and heart of the shop, Luis, the owner, represents the ideal of the community by giving gestures of generosity like providing a hospital bed to families who are in need, which demonstrates his commitment to placing people before making a profit.

The range of products at Pepe’s ranges from simple furniture to essential household goods, all at affordable prices, making treasures available to all. The shop provides a friendly ambience with friendly staff that is ready to assist and make every visit an enjoyable one. In addition, Pepe’s commitment to ensuring cleanliness and satisfaction improves the shopping experience, establishing its position as a must-visit thrift store within LA for unique items and authentic customer service.

–> Services/Features

  • Pepe’s Thrift Shop offers delivery and assembly services for furniture purchases.
  • The staff, including the owner, Luis, provides personalized assistance to shoppers.
  • The shop boasts a diverse selection of items, including antiques, appliances and furniture.
  • Pepe’s is known for its incredibly low prices on a variety of items.
  • The shop frequently offers discounts and special deals.

2. Revival Furniture

Address:    3436 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90065, United States
Phone:       +1 323-222-6069

Revival Furniture is a place for lovers of vintage furniture; however, it has mixed feelings. The store is renowned for its diverse collection and is top-rated for its vintage carpets, which are sold at fair prices. Visitors may be disappointed by the poor curation and organization, which could be better, highlighting the importance of scheduling one’s visit so as to get into the shop at the right time on a good day. The inventory changes frequently and promises new treasures every visit, which is an indication of its constantly evolving nature.

While some have voiced issues with pricing as well as customer support, the lure of discovering unique, inexpensive treasures keeps customers returning. It is highly recommended to visit early to secure the finest pieces, which demonstrates the store’s first-come-first-serve philosophy. Despite its flaws, Revival Furniture stands out for people looking for mid-century modern style without costing a fortune, making it a worthy stop in the world of vintage-inspired shopping.

–> Services/Features

  • A curated selection of vintage and mid-century modern furniture and items.
  • A notable collection of vintage rugs, highlighted for their quality and reasonable pricing.
  • A constantly refreshing inventory, offering a new shopping experience with each visit.
  • Competitive pricing across a wide range of items.

3. Guy On Motor At Venice

Address:    3771 Motor Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034, United States
Phone:       +1 310-558-1158

In the midst of Los Angeles, Rick’s antique store is a unique experience that is a delight for collectors of antiques and treasure hunters. With its maze-like layout, the store is filled with vintage accessories, household items, and other interesting finds that each have their own unique story. Rick, who is the proprietor, is praised for his warm ambience, fair rates, and his keen eye for treasured antiques.

Although some customers have expressed questions about customer service and the authenticity of the items, The thrill of finding hidden treasures draws customers back. The attraction of the store is the potential to reveal unique treasures, making every visit a thrilling experience. It is a mix of history and curiosity. Rick’s shop is an example of the timeless appeal of thrift stores, providing both excitement and a glimpse of history set in the vibrant city of Venice.

–> Services/Features

  • A wide selection of antiques and valuable pieces.
  • Personalized customer service with a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Reasonable pricing for a diverse range of items.
  • A unique shopping environment.
  • Offers both buying and selling options.

4. Children Charities Resale Store

Address:     2226 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064, United States
Phone:       +1 310-445-1143

The Children Charities Resale Store is a treasure trove for vintage and antique collectors. The shelves and corners are bursting with exciting items, from lamps and books to couches and artwork, each telling its own story. Expert in antiquities and history, the owner brings the past alive with passion and knowledge, making each visit feel like an adventure through history.

The store offers high-quality furnishings at higher prices but also a wide variety of treasures for under $10. This ensures that there is something to suit every budget. Unique finds make it a must-visit for anyone looking to add history and character to their home. The store’s diversity and allure to discover keep treasure hunters coming back. The store is a perfect blend of craftsmanship, quality, and the thrill of discovery. It’s a popular spot for vintage enthusiasts in the local community.

–> Services/Features

  • A vast selection of antiques and vintage items.
  • Knowledgeable staff who offer insights and stories about the collection.
  • Fair pricing for high-quality items.
  • A constantly updating inventory, promising new and unique finds with every visit.
  • Accessibility and convenience with options for metered and free street parking nearby.

5. Nick Metropolis Collectible

Address:    3318 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018, United States
Phone:       +1 323-934-3700

Nick Metropolis Collectible is a gem of Los Angeles. Its vast collection of Hollywood memorabilia captivates visitors. Nick, the owner, is known for his warmth and outstanding service. This makes every visit to Nick Metropolis Collectible memorable. The destination is appealing to a wide range of people, including film enthusiasts looking for unique props and vintage collectors searching for rare treasures.

Each item in the shop has a fantastic story that enhances your browsing experience. The shop is notable not only for its collection but also because Nick has a solid commitment to his customers. It’s a place that you must visit. This amusement park of Hollywood’s golden age invites exploration and discoveries, displaying the charm and history of the entertainment industry through its eclectic offerings.

–> Services/Features

  • Personalized customer service from Nick.
  • A unique shopping experience filled with treasures in every corner.
  • Specialized offerings for film and television production.
  • Delivery services for large or heavy items.

Final Thoughts

The five used furniture stores in Los Angeles will help you find unique pieces at affordable prices. These stores offer everything you need to transform your home from vintage to modern. Check out these top furniture stores in Los Angeles to find great deals on unique pieces that will complement your home.