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4 Best Used Furniture Stores in Pearland, TX

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Used Furniture Stores in Pearland

Imagine stepping into a world where every piece of furniture tells a story, a place in Pearland, Texas, where history and style blend seamlessly. Welcome to the used furniture stores of Pearland, TX, where unique, pre-loved treasures await to add character and charm to your home. In Pearland, these stores are not just shops; they are galleries showcasing the journey of furniture that has lived through different eras and styles. Here, you can find a vintage oak desk that once graced a 1950s study or a mid-century modern chair that echoes the sophistication of a bygone era.

Did you know that the used furniture market in Pearland has grown significantly in recent years? It’s a testament to the city’s increasing appreciation of sustainable living and timeless design. Each store in Pearland offers an eclectic mix of items, ensuring you’ll find something that matches your taste and tells a story. Embrace the charm of Pearland’s used furniture stores and discover a world where every item has a past and every purchase supports a more sustainable future.


1. Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures

Address:    3218 E Broadway St, Pearland, TX 77581, United States
Phone:        +1 281-485-0404

Hidden Treasures, a consignment store in Pearland, offers a range of furniture and household items, catering to those seeking unique and higher-quality finds. The store presents a well-lit, organized, and inviting shopping environment. However, it needs help with customer service, including inadequate communication about item inclusions like box springs and bed frame supports and inconsistent handling of consignment processes. Some customers have reported adverse interactions with staff, including instances of being mocked, which raises concerns about the store’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Despite these issues, Hidden Treasures continues to attract shoppers with its distinctive inventory, often providing items of superior quality compared to similar outlets. Prospective customers should consider these factors when visiting the store, balancing the opportunity to discover unique items against the possibility of service-related difficulties. The store’s response to feedback indicates an awareness of these issues and a potential for improvement.

–> Services/Features

  • Hidden Treasures offers a platform for individuals to consign their furniture and household items.
  • The store maintains a curated selection of high-quality, clean items.
  • Customers appreciate the well-lit, nicely staged, and organized shopping environment.
  • Consignors can conveniently check their balances online.
  • The store generally aims to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

2. Forgotten Angels Resale Shop

Forgotten Angels Resale Shop

Address:     3216 E Broadway St, Pearland, TX 77581, United States
Phone:       +1 832-243-6463

Forgotten Angels Resale Shop is a treasure trove of affordable, diverse items, from clothing to electronics and furniture. The shop’s unique feature is its cozy coffee shop, adding a delightful aspect to the shopping experience. Despite its crowdedness, the store maintains a clean and organized environment, regularly offering attractive discounts. The staff’s friendliness and helpfulness contribute significantly to the positive atmosphere. Management’s commitment to improvement and responsiveness to feedback further enhances the customer experience.

At the forefront of the shop’s success is Ms. Patti Langston, whose exceptional leadership and dedication to the community have made Forgotten Angels not just a store but an integral part of the local community. Her efforts in managing the store reflect a balance of providing fair deals and supporting a meaningful cause, making every visit to Forgotten Angels enjoyable and impactful.

–> Services/Features

  • Offering a variety of items including clothing, furniture, electronics and home repair materials.
  • Providing special discount days like 30% off on used furniture and other items.
  • Maintaining a well-organized and clean shopping space for an enjoyable customer experience.
  • Creating a welcoming atmosphere with consistently friendly staff.
  • Adding a distinctive touch to the shopping experience with the inclusion of a coffee shop.

3. Pearland Resale and Consignment

Pearland Resale and Consignment

Address:    6061 Broadway St, Pearland, TX 77581, United States
Phone:       +1 713-367-7373

Pearland Resale and Consignment stands out as a treasured destination in Pearland, renowned for its diverse and reasonably priced offerings. The shop excels in providing various quality items, from furniture and decor to clothing and jewelry. Customers consistently appreciate the shop’s clean and well-organized environment, which enhances the shopping experience. The staff, known for their friendliness and helpfulness, adds a personal touch, making each visit memorable.

Notably, the business’s commitment to quality is evident in its selective consignment process, ensuring only the best items make it to the sales floor. This approach not only maintains high standards but also respects the expectations of their clientele. As a result, Pearland Resale and Consignment has earned a reputation as a reliable and enjoyable place to shop, making it an essential fixture in the local community.

–> Services/Features

  • Offering a variety of items including furniture.
  • Providing excellent customer service with a team known for their welcoming and supportive nature.
  • Maintaining a neat and well-arranged shopping environment.
  • Ensuring affordability with competitive prices across their diverse range of products.

4. The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center

The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center

Address:     3260 E Broadway St, Pearland, TX 77581, United States
Phone:        +1 281-412-0141

The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center stands out for its well-organized layout and diverse selection of quality furniture. Notably, customers appreciate the store’s cleanliness and the weekly color tag sale, adding an appealing discount for clothing shoppers. The staff consistently earns praise for their friendliness and helpfulness, enhancing the shopping experience. However, the store needs more feedback regarding its pricing. Some items, particularly children’s shoes and small decorative pieces, seem overpriced compared to similar thrift stores. This aspect occasionally overshadows the store’s value proposition.

Additionally, post-flood conditions, including mildew smells and moldy spots, have raised health concerns, though these issues appear isolated. Despite these drawbacks, the store’s furniture offerings attract repeat customers, often at a fraction of the cost of new retail items. Overall, The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center offers a clean, well-stocked shopping environment with a notable furniture selection balanced by considerations around pricing and store conditions.

–> Services/Features

  • The store offers a variety of furniture items.
  • There is a diverse range of clothing available.
  • Customers consistently note the cleanliness and organization of the store.
  • Customers commend the staff at the store for their friendliness and eagerness to assist.
  • The store generally provides furniture and other goods at reasonable prices.


In conclusion, the used furniture stores in Pearland, TX, offer more than just furniture; they provide a gateway to a sustainable lifestyle and a connection to the past. Each piece you find here is a testament to timeless design and a step towards eco-friendly living. By choosing Pearland’s pre-loved treasures, you’re not just decorating your home; you’re preserving history and making a conscious choice for the environment. Embrace the unique, cherish the old, and make your home a story worth telling.