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3 Best Used Furniture Stores in Pittsburgh, PA

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Used Furniture Stores in Pittsburgh, PA

Are you ready to transform your home without breaking the bank? Discover the hidden treasures in Pittsburgh’s used furniture stores, where every piece tells a story. With a thriving market offering everything from vintage finds to modern marvels, Pittsburgh is a haven for budget-conscious decorators and sustainability enthusiasts alike. Did you know that purchasing from used furniture stores in Pittsburgh, PA, not only saves you up to 80% compared to new retail prices but also significantly reduces your carbon footprint? Each year, Americans discard over 12 million tons of furniture, much of which ends up in landfills.

By choosing second-hand, you’re not just saving money; you’re making an eco-friendly choice that benefits our planet. So, whether you’re furnishing a new apartment or simply looking for a unique statement piece, used furniture stores in Pittsburgh, PA, are the perfect starting point for your next home makeover adventure.

1. Pittsburgh Furniture Company

Used Furniture Stores in Pittsburgh, PA

Address:     4312 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201, United States
Phone:        +1 412-687-2965

Pittsburgh Furniture Company offers unique, affordable furniture with exceptional service. The store features a remarkable selection, especially mid-century modern pieces, curated by knowledgeable and friendly staff. The owners go above and beyond, assisting with loading furniture and holding items while customers take measurements.

Quick delivery and fair pricing enhance the shopping experience. Customers repeatedly return, finding the store’s ever-changing inventory and high-quality pieces perfect for any home. The blend of vintage and contemporary styles ensures there’s something for everyone. The dedication to customer satisfaction makes Pittsburgh Furniture Company a must-visit for quality furniture in Pittsburgh.

–> Services/Features

  • Offers a wide range of unique, high-quality furniture at reasonable prices.
  • Provides excellent customer service and assistance in finding the perfect furniture pieces.
  • Helps load purchases into vehicles and offers prompt delivery.
  • Holds items while customers take measurements and provide detailed information about the furniture.
  • Regularly updated with new and restored pieces, keeping the selection diverse and exciting.

2. CORT Furniture Outlet

Used Furniture Stores in Pittsburgh, PA

Address:    1201 Brighton Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15233, United States
Phone:        +1 412-847-5568

CORT Furniture Outlet consistently delivers excellent deals and outstanding customer service. The staff provides competent and accommodating assistance, ensuring a smooth shopping experience. Families with kids or pets find the furniture durable and affordable, avoiding the pitfalls of cheap internet options. The outlet offers a wide range of new and previously leased furniture, ideal for various needs including model homes, movie sets, and temporary use, all at a fraction of the original retail price.

Though there have been occasional issues with call responses, the commitment to customer satisfaction remains strong. Overall, CORT Furniture Outlet stands out for its quality furniture, competitive prices, and exceptional service, making it a highly recommended choice for anyone in need of reliable and stylish home furnishings.

–> Services/Features

  • Offers quality furniture at great prices, perfect for families with kids or pets.
  • Sells new and used furniture for homes, movie sets, staging, and offices.
  • Provides friendly and knowledgeable customer service.
  • Ensures furniture is both long-lasting and attractive.
  • Strives to improve customer experiences and quickly address feedback.

3. Pittsburgh Furniture Outlet

Used Furniture Stores in Pittsburgh, PA

Address:    1200 Chateau St, Pittsburgh, PA 15233, United States
Phone:        +1 412-321-8400

Pittsburgh Furniture Outlet consistently delivers exceptional service and quality furniture. The selection of both new and used pieces caters to a wide range of tastes and budgets. The staff, led by Bonnie, Snapper, Ray, and Chris, ensures a smooth shopping experience from start to finish. They provide helpful advice in-store and go above and beyond during delivery. Prompt delivery and immediate resolution of any issues highlight their commitment to customer satisfaction. Shoppers appreciate the reasonable prices and the professional, caring approach of the team. For anyone in Pittsburgh seeking reliable and affordable furniture, Pittsburgh Furniture Outlet is the top choice.

–> Services/Features

  • Offers both new and used furniture.
  • Helpful and attentive team members.
  • Quick and efficient delivery service.
  • Resolves any issues promptly.
  • Quality furniture at reasonable prices.


In conclusion, Pittsburgh offers a variety of excellent options for purchasing quality used furniture. Whether you’re seeking unique vintage pieces, budget-friendly finds, or sustainable choices, the city has something to meet your needs. These used furniture stores in Pittsburgh provide a range of styles and price points, ensuring you can find the perfect addition to your home. Shopping for used furniture not only saves money but also supports eco-friendly practices. Explore Pittsburgh’s used furniture scene to discover hidden gems and give your living space a fresh, stylish update.