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6 Best Used Furniture Stores in San Antonio, TX

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used furniture stores in san antonio

Are you looking for used furniture for your beloved? Sometimes you will find best used furniture instead of new. This article will help you to find the Best Used Furniture Stores in San Antonio, Tx, Every piece tells a tale or a reminiscence of the past, the best of culture, history, and timeless fashion. It’s true that in San Antonio, these stores aren’t just stores. Treasure troves rediscover memories and birth new stories. Imagine finding an antique armchair with echoes of the Spanish colonial past. A rustic table that reflects the city’s spirit of frontier. There are 1.5 million people in San Antonio are melting pot of cultures, and the market for second-hand furniture is an example of the variety.

Each visit provides a unique experience, a chance to discover rare items at reasonable costs. You can be a collector, a home decorator, or someone interested in sustainable choices. The eco-friendly stores offer durable, high-quality furniture that embodies San Antonio’s soul. Explore a world where each item is a part of history and bring home San Antonio’s rich history. Your next treasured possession could just be waiting for you in one of these charming shops with a unique character.

1. Office Furniture Liquidations

Address: 6838 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78238, United States
Phone: +1 210-823-3744

Office Furniture Liquidations stands out due to its excellent customer service and extensive collection of reasonably priced furniture. The store is awe-inspiring with its spacious showroom with used and new products suited to various budgets and tastes. The friendly and accommodating staff creates an enjoyable shopping experience, free from the pressure often encountered in shopping centers. In addition, their delivery service is prompt and efficient, which ensures customer satisfaction.

The store’s inventory is constantly changing and updated online to fulfill specific needs, such as L-shaped desks, gym equipment, and more, which shows a firm dedication to customers’ needs. In addition, the store’s active engagement with customers, mainly via social media interaction, increases the overall experience. The combination of high-quality, value, and dependable service makes Office Furniture Liquidations a highly recommended stop for anyone looking for furniture for office, hotel and home solutions.

–> Services/Features

  1. Wide range of new and used furniture for both home and office needs.
  2. Provides efficient and careful delivery of furniture items to customers.
  3. Excellent customer service.
  4. Keeps customers informed about new stock through online updates.
  5. Specialized item availability for gym.

2. Second Home Furniture Resale

Address2267 NW Military Hwy #118, San Antonio, TX 78213
Phone: +1 210-366-3673
Website Name:

Second Home Resale has emerged as an outstanding player in the market for furniture resales and stands out for its exceptional customer service and extensive assortment of quality items. Derrick, a great employee, consistently impresses with his professionalism and product knowledge, elevating your overall shopping experience. The store can cater to a wide range of needs and tastes, from solid wood furniture to exclusive accessories.

Another benefit is the possibility to view products online, making sure that the product customers see is precisely what they receive in the store. The friendly atmosphere, facilitated by the knowledgeable and helpful staff, makes each visit pleasant and productive. The smooth delivery process improves customer satisfaction. Second Home Resale’s focus on the highest quality, fair pricing, and complete customer satisfaction is a preferred source for people looking to furnish their homes with fashionable, durable, sturdy, and affordably priced items.

–> Services/Features

  1. The store offers a diverse range of high-quality furniture and accessories.
  2. Customers can browse the store’s inventory online, ensuring the availability of desired items before visiting in person.
  3. The store offers a reliable and careful delivery service.
  4. Staff members provide valuable design suggestions and product knowledge.

3. Old Is Better Than New

Address: 1504 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78201, United States
Phone: +1 210-364-4564

The shop stands out as an incredible treasure trove for people who are passionate about the art of salvage and distinctive woodwork. Its vast selection, including an array of doors and windows and stained glass and reclaimed wood pieces, has something for everyone, from the ardent restorationist to the decorator who wants to add a unique flair to their homes. The store’s devotion to preserving antique charm is admirable and showcases items that add an individual style and historical value to any space.

Despite some concerns about prices, customers highly praise the overall experience. The proprietor’s commitment to customer service improves the shopping experience and makes it more than buying something. It’s an experience through time. The shop isn’t just an outlet for shopping but a place for those who want to fill their contemporary living spaces with a rich story and timeless style.

–> Services/Features

  1. Unique antique doors, stained glass, wood pieces unique touch to any home.
  2. Customizing architectural pieces to fit specific customer needs.
  3. Providing customers with expert advice and assistance in selecting the perfect item.
  4. Regularly updating their collection with new finds, ensuring a fresh selection of items.
  5. Fair prices, occasional discounts, and special offers for value-conscious shoppers.

4. Too Good To Be Threw

Address: 13413 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
Phone: +1 210-340-2422

Customers highly regard Too Good to Be Thrown, a well-loved consignment shop known for its excellent service and wide selection of items. The staff, including Sally, Sandra, and Sarah, has earned praise for their warm and helpful support, significantly enhancing customers’ shopping experiences. The store offers a remarkable selection of products, ranging from designer items to everyday wear, and is highly valued for its quality and affordability.

Although it is generally a source of positive reviews, some find prices excessive for second-hand items and have had varying experiences with the condition and variety of merchandise. Some express displeasure with the consignment process and customer service. However, they are seen as minor flaws in a generally positive image. The long-running commitment of the store to its community and its ability to keep a loyal clientele over the years confirm its reputation as a cherished local attraction.

–> Services/Features

  1. Customers frequently praise the staff.
  2. The store has gained a reputation for offering a broad range of quality items.
  3. Despite being a consignment store, it offers designer items at reasonable affordable prices.
  4. The store has a strong commitment to serving the community, building a loyal customer base.

5. Home Consignment Center – San Antonio

Address:      17603 La Cantera Pkwy #130, San Antonio, TX 78257, United States
Phone:          +1 210-558-3968

Home Consignment Center, San Antonio, excels at offering a wide selection of furniture and jewellery that is constantly updated. The store’s dedication to providing name-brand products at competitive prices makes it stand out in the consignment marketplace. Its community involvement, especially in supporting crime victims via the 3rd Street Closet, is an excellent addition to its business. Staff are consistently praised for their expertise and helpfulness, which enhances the shopping and consignment experience. The overall positive feedback outweighs the occasional issues with pricing and customer interaction. This shop is an excellent destination for people looking for unique and well-priced items on consignment. Its importance in San Antonio can be seen by its popularity.

–> Services/Features

  1.  Offering a wide range of name-brand furniture and jewelry at competitive prices.
  2. Boasting a team that is knowledgeable, helpful, and dedicated to providing excellent customer service.
  3. Provides reliable delivery options through a competent third-party service.
  4. Continually updates its stock, offering a dynamic and varied selection of items.

6. Nancy’s Furniture

Address:    11345 West Ave, San Antonio, TX 78213, United States
Phone:       +1 210-734-2087
Website:     Nancy’s Furniture

Nancy’s Furniture excels in providing outstanding customer service and design advice, with exceptional staff such as Elise, who can provide invaluable help. The company’s dedication to customer satisfaction is apparent in its willingness to accommodate specific needs, such as extended hours of operation and flexible delivery times. With a variety of gently used, new Furniture and antiques, as well as unique decor items, Nancy’s can cater to a range of budgets and tastes. The challenge of choosing from their stunning inventory demonstrates the high-end and uniqueness of their selection. Despite some criticisms about customer service, the overall experience is highly positive. The combination of high-end, affordable prices and attentive customer service makes it an ideal destination for quality furniture and reasonable prices. It is a recommended destination for anyone looking to upgrade their living space.

–> Services/Features

  1. Expert staff like Elise provide tailored design advice to help customers.
  2. Arranging deliveries on non-standard days like Sundays.
  3. A wide selection of new, gently used, and antique furniture, along with unique decor items.
  4. Offering high-quality furniture at competitive prices.
  5. A focus on friendly and attentive service, making the shopping experience pleasant and stress-free.


In the end, searching for the 6 Best Used Furniture Stores in San Antonio, TX, provides a wealth of options for buyers looking for top-quality furniture that is pre-owned. As a fan of a new style, I love the broad range of items and exclusive items these stores have to offer. From classic charm to modern designs, these establishments cater to a wide range of styles. With an eye on high-end quality, people can enhance their living space efficiently and sustainably. Explore the possibilities to uncover the hidden gems that can be not just a great addition to your home but also a reflection of your design and style.