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6 Best Used Furniture Stores in Tyler, TX

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Used Furniture Stores in Tyler, TX

Tyler, TX, is home to several used furniture stores that offer a unique shopping experience for those looking for quality furniture at affordable prices. When exploring used furniture stores in Tyler, TX, customers can expect to find various items, from vintage pieces to modern furnishings, all at reasonable prices. These stores provide an eco-friendly alternative to buying new, allowing shoppers to find unique, gently used items that add character to their homes.

While browsing the collections at used furniture stores in Tyler, TX, patrons can also enjoy personalized customer service, with knowledgeable staff ready to assist in finding the perfect piece. Whether you’re decorating on a budget or searching for a rare find, Tyler’s used furniture stores are treasure troves of possibilities.

1. Tyler Consignment Warehouse

Address:     4500 DC Dr, Tyler, TX 75701, United States
Phone:       +1 903-509-3395

Tyler Consignment Warehouse is a unique destination for those seeking a blend of new and gently used furniture. It offers a diverse selection of items, ranging from modern to vintage, catering to various tastes and decor needs. Customers consistently praise the warehouse for its reasonable pricing and great deals, highlighting the value for money. The staff at Tyler Consignment receive commendations for their helpfulness and friendliness, contributing to a welcoming shopping experience.

While some visitors have noted higher prices for specific items, the consensus reflects satisfaction with the quality and variety of the offerings. This consignment store has built a reputation for providing a treasure trove of furniture and decor, making it a go-to place for unique finds and great bargains. Its blend of quality, variety, and customer service makes Tyler Consignment Warehouse a noteworthy choice for furniture shoppers.

–> Services/Features

  • Tyler Consignment Warehouse offers an extensive range of furniture.
  • The store is known for its competitive pricing.
  • Customers frequently commend the staff for their friendliness and helpfulness.
  • The warehouse specializes in offering unique and vintage pieces.
  • Tyler Consignment Warehouse maintains a reputation for selling high-quality furniture.

2. Blue Bird Consignment

Address:     1718 W Gentry Pkwy, Tyler, TX 75702, United States
Phone:        +1 903-630-5532

Blue Bird Consignment in Tyler is a treasure for vintage lovers. It offers a wide selection of vintage items, from furniture and electronics to clothing and dishes. The consignment shop has an attractive layout and an easy-to-navigate space. It is ideal for leisure browsing and gift shopping. Customers appreciate the store’s commitment to quality and reasonable prices. They often find rare and valuable items.

Blue Bird Consignment hosts independent booth rental companies, further enhancing the shopping experience by bringing in rare and collectable items. Its friendly and customer-focused atmosphere contributes to the store’s reputation as a top spot for consignment items. This family-owned store demonstrates the importance of supporting local businesses while providing an excellent and varied shopping experience.

–> Services/Features

  • Blue Bird Consignment offers an extensive selection of genuine vintage goods.
  • The store features independent booth renters who sell a variety of unique items, such as rare furniture.
  • The store is designed with attractively laid-out booths.
  • Blue Bird Consignment is known for its fair pricing.
  • The store prides itself on providing excellent customer service.

3. Rega of Paris

Address:    6722 S Broadway Ave, Tyler, TX 75703, United States
Phone:       +1 903-561-1705

Rega of Paris is a unique and captivating consignment store in Tyler, Texas, offering a diverse and ever-changing selection of furniture, home decor, and vintage items. Shoppers often describe their experience as akin to treasure hunting, with the thrill of discovering rare, high-quality finds at reasonable prices. The store excels in blending vintage charm with contemporary styles, catering to various tastes and preferences.

Not only does Rega of Paris impress with its array of unique items, but it also boasts excellent customer service, enhancing the overall shopping experience. Whether you seek a statement piece of furniture or a distinctive home accessory, Rega of Paris provides a memorable and enjoyable shopping journey, making it a standout destination for locals and visitors. Its reputation for quality and variety positions it as a go-to spot for anyone looking to add character and style to their living spaces.

–> Services/Features

  • Rega of Paris offers a wide range of furniture.
  • The store boasts an array of unique home decor items.
  • They provide consignment services.
  • Rega of Paris is known for its friendly and helpful staff.
  • Allowing customers to find exceptional items at reasonable and affordable prices.

4. Designer Consignment

Address:    4703 Troup Hwy, Tyler, TX 75703, United States
Phone:       +1 903-939-1888

Designer Consignment in Tyler is a treasure trove for shoppers seeking quality furniture, home decor, clothing, and accessories. Run by Melissa and Martha’s enterprising mother-daughter team, this store has served the East Texas community for over a decade. They ensure a clean, organized, engaging shopping environment where each item offers quality and value.

The store consistently draws praise for its eclectic mix of items and reasonable pricing, reflecting the owners’ dedication to customer satisfaction. Designer Consignment’s commitment to friendly and helpful service enhances the overall shopping experience, making it more than just a place to buy goods—it’s a community hub for finding unique pieces and enjoying a pleasant shopping journey.

In summary, Designer Consignment in Tyler represents the best local consignment shopping, offering a delightful variety of items in a welcoming atmosphere backed by a knowledgeable and caring team.

–> Services/Features

  • Offering an extensive selection of furniture.
  • Ensuring the availability of high-quality, gently used or upscale items.
  • Providing friendly and helpful assistance.
  • Maintaining reasonable prices, allowing customers to find exceptional value in their purchases.
  • Keeping the store clean, well-organized, and inviting enhances the overall shopping experience.

5. Hangers of Hope

Address:     920 W SW Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75701, United States
Phone:        +1 903-747-8474

Hangers of Hope is a thrift store that caters to budget-conscious shoppers, offering a wide range of items, including clothing, furniture, and jewellery. The store’s cleanliness, organization, and friendly staff create a pleasant shopping experience. While it boasts excellent finds at low prices. This aspect challenges the balance between supporting their noble cause – the Bethesda Health Clinic – and maintaining affordable customer prices.

Hangers of Hope’s commitment to addressing customer feedback shows a willingness to evolve and improve. The store provides a unique shopping experience, combining value with a mission to support community health. However, it faces the ongoing challenge of aligning its pricing with customer expectations for thrift store bargains.

–> Services/Features

  • Hangers of Hope offers a diverse selection of items.
  • The store provides budget-friendly options.
  • Customers consistently note the cleanliness and organization of the store.
  • The staff at Hangers of Hope are commended for their friendliness and helpfulness.
  • The store contributes to the Bethesda Health Clinic.

6. Hidden Warehouse

Address:    11941 Laney Rd, Tyler, TX 75708, United States
Phone:       +1 903-331-9148

Hidden Warehouse offers a unique shopping adventure for those seeking used office furniture and eclectic items. This massive warehouse, brimming with goods from the past six decades, including antique furniture, old-school items, and even vintage cars, caters to diverse interests. However, visitors should prepare for a cluttered and dimly lit environment, challenging navigating, and item discovery.

Despite these obstacles, the store’s vast and varied inventory often rewards the persistent shopper with unique finds. The owner’s pricing and customer interaction approach may vary, contributing to a distinctive, if unpredictable, shopping experience. While accessibility might be an issue for some, the treasure trove aspect of Hidden Warehouse appeals to those who enjoy a good hunt. It’s a place where nostalgia meets novelty, offering a shopping experience that is as unconventional as it is memorable.

–> Services/Features

  • Hidden Warehouse specializes in a wide range of used office furniture.
  • The store offers an array of eclectic items.
  • It’s a great resource for those interested in books and videos.
  • The store buys old-school items like desks and chalkboards when schools upgrade.
  • Customers can discover a mix of old and unique items perfect for projects or decor.


In conclusion, used furniture stores in Tyler, TX, offer a fantastic opportunity for shoppers to find unique, affordable pieces for their homes. These stores cater to diverse tastes and budgets with various styles, from vintage to modern. Shopping at these stores saves money and supports environmental sustainability by reusing furniture. The friendly and knowledgeable staff enhance the shopping experience, making it enjoyable and efficient. Whether you’re looking to furnish your home on a budget or seeking that one-of-a-kind item, Tyler’s used furniture stores are a great destination to explore.